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Designer Drugs & Raves

Increasing numbers of people are being exposed to chemical drugs. They are easily acquired on the street, at schools and parties; particularly at Rave parties. Many users see these drugs as harmless, feel-good substances. The Addictive Drug Information Council (ADIC) and the RCMP Drug Awareness Service are working to educate people about the dangers these drugs present.

Thus, we've created a pamphlet entitled Club & Rave Drugs: Dancing with Death, and a 52-page book entitled Designer Drugs and Raves: Second Edition. The book presents an in-depth overview of the current chemical drug scene as well as specific information on the main drugs being used (Ecstasy / MDMA, MDA, Methamphetamine, LSD, Ketamine, GHB), their effects and the health risks involved.

These publications are useful tools for youth and their parents, as well as anyone who works with youth, including social workers, drug and alcohol counsellors, child protection workers, teachers, medical personnel, etc., and for those who coordinate these groups, facilitate training, provide resource material, etc.

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For more information on this topic please view our Design Drugs & Raves book (PDF).

To order this publication, please visit our online publication catalogue.

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