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We came to this doctor for the first time on the recommendation of friends, we were told that she was a good specialist. We had positive impressions, in my opinion, the doctor is very attentive and she knows her job, in general, I can only say good things about her! I can also note that the doctor explained everything in an accessible way, she communicated with us not only as a mammologist, but also as a psychologist, everything is very good!

We turned to the doctor with a complaint, we did not take tests, the specialist sent us for an ultrasound scan, we did everything in the clinic itself, and with the results of the examination, we returned to her again. The doctor immediately accepted us, looked at us, made a diagnosis and prescribed treatment, we accept all the doctor's recommendations.

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The doctor gave me cialis recommendations, I still need to apply again, but in a year, just for a preventive examination. She is very kind, responsive, she clearly approaches everything, talks well! The mammologist performed palpation. I was with her only for a consultation, but I found out everything that was needed! The doctor reassured me, confirmed or denied my suspicions!